Teasha (iztyme2ryde) wrote in trip__reports,

Well, I have decided that while I am tripping balls, this community could use a good posting for those that like a good rise.

I ingested a good amount of shrooms at 4:20... ironically it just happened that way. I did it with my boyfriend hoping to rise those feelings and good times again.

About 5pm the effect was noticable... though I could feel the audio aspect of it from ingestion, I am now seeing the drug. These are a more potent breed of shrooms... and it has been pointed out to me that they aren't psilosybin either.... Carpets and decorations are swirling all about... and there is a haze in my percepted view. My other is upstairs... recording while influenced, with a tape recorder. I had tried the see what it is he is enjoying, but I guess his self created macro lens is something I just can't seem to enjoy.... not when I know at the surface I am just staring at a keyboard through the tape recorder...

doesn't it seem like there should be some sort action being recorded other than keyboard closeups?

Maybe it is just me.

Well, it is 6:33, I have taken a break from writing, and this keyboard is just that much harder to hit the right FLOATING keys. I was attempting to record, and got into it a while, but just not as much as I used to. Kaleb doesn’t seem to appreciate the music for what it is, but wants it for a pretty image on that screen infront of him. Visualization is all he seems to do with the music, he just ‘watches’ it. So I got pretty tired of just watching and helping him to do something I wasn’t passionate about. For some reason, at this point, I want to be social, where he wants to be alone. So, I go for food to the mother land, Kaleb’s moms…..Mind you she is ANTI DRUG. Like “If I catch you, I will KILL YOU” anti drug…. I have been told that, more than once….but I think I can pull it off, and it is within walking distance of my house, as tripping…. I really just can’t drive…..

Updates to come…

It is now 11:20 and I have come down, only the residual effects, like being high and distant. I ended up going out with Kaleb’s sister for a ride to the grocery store, and just rode around. Went to the local pizza place and ate in, and now I am hoping I will be able to sleep soon. The visuals were very good, hazy and whirling a lot… over all it was a good trip, only not as eventful as my others have been.
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