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This isn't a report. I've been considering the use of shrooms and was trying to think of good movies to watch while on them. Does anyone have any suggestions? Here is what I have so far

*Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (made to be watched while on drugs)

*Pink Floyd movie, "The wall." I haven't seen, but I've heard things.

*The Mariah Carey movie "Glitter." Not because it is trippy, but because you have to be on drugs to sit through it.

*Metropolis. That one really old movie. Good stuff!

*Any Ridiculous comedy. Such as Monty Python stuff, Naked gun series, Kung pow, and such.

*Space Odysey 2001. I have never seen it, but I hear it is long and boring, and may be of special interest while on drugs.

*The Matrix trilogy. Just because.

Any other good ones?
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Ideally, you would want something that does not demand your attention from you, and allows your state to drift to other, probably more meaningful directions in the room. Space Odyssey would allow for this, as would a silent film like Metropolis...the dated soundtrack for which, I am sure, would create a strange atmosphere in the room.

Some of my most successful experiments in media while tripping involved key, prepared playlists for the occasion played over muted television (public tv.) Generally, the highly-sensitive state of association will meld the two different sources into one coherant and powerful message of some kind. Most memorable was a hunting show, featuring men I perceived as myself and my father, playing to seemingly perfectly-timed triumphant music accentuating the "big kill" of a 4 point buck. My father held the head of the animal up to the camera proudly, but then the music became solomn and his expression more was actually very profound and I associated it to powerful memories of interactions between us. Heh...meaningful coincidences will bombard you!

Overall, make sure you don't waste your entire trip, especially the peak, on just a movie. I reccomend writing, although I'm sure other, more involved creative outlets may suit you more closely. As long as you get something out of the experience other than mere recreation...
u should watch DAZED AND CONFUSED! That movies is awesome!
the old Metropolis is really good. If you can track down the recent re-release with the original orchestral score, rather than the one with the cheesy 80's soundtrack, even better. It's all... evil sexy robots, and dystopic cities of the future.
finding nemo
I'd say Waking Life. It's an amazing film.
I'd say don't spend a trip in front of the TV. Although to be fair, mushrooms make doing anything amazing, so watching a movie probably would be awesome.
But I think shrooms should be enjoyed with friends, out in nature preferably.
Sit in your garden and get lost in the flower bed or something :)
Actually, thinking about it, maybe a movie would be cool. It just depends on how much you'd be able to concentrate on it. I would reccomend something animated and colourful. Maybe Spirited Away or something made for children.
Hmm, I;d quite like to try that now :)
easy rider. the trip sequence will make it like a double trip. it's crazy shit. but don't waste it in front of a screen - nature really shocks the shit out of you, it's so beautiful. writing - producing something is good too.


August 6 2005, 20:52:49 UTC 12 years ago

Macross Plus. It's an anime flick from '94 with amazing colors, characters, music. Watched it once while on shrooms, and highly, highly recommend it.
Jacob's Ladder
The Doors
The Crow
Apocalypse Now
The Wizard of Oz (plyed qith Pink Floyd's The Wall)
Planetary Travelers I and II good trippy visual stuff
While I don't know how different it is tripping on shrooms than on acid but I have to disagree with Pink Floyd the Wall. Although it is a wonderful movie but there are a lot of dark and morbid images. I think that it would put you in the wrong state of mind and possibly make your trip take a turn for the worst. Watching it high is fun though :D