etherealprimate (etherealprimate) wrote in trip__reports,


This isn't a report. I've been considering the use of shrooms and was trying to think of good movies to watch while on them. Does anyone have any suggestions? Here is what I have so far

*Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (made to be watched while on drugs)

*Pink Floyd movie, "The wall." I haven't seen, but I've heard things.

*The Mariah Carey movie "Glitter." Not because it is trippy, but because you have to be on drugs to sit through it.

*Metropolis. That one really old movie. Good stuff!

*Any Ridiculous comedy. Such as Monty Python stuff, Naked gun series, Kung pow, and such.

*Space Odysey 2001. I have never seen it, but I hear it is long and boring, and may be of special interest while on drugs.

*The Matrix trilogy. Just because.

Any other good ones?
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