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Hi, im new to this community! it seems a little inactive so i thought i would just share my most amazing expirence ever! You all should too, b/c im never sure if my trips are anything like other peoples trips

i have tried many drugs and my short life, im almost 18
ive basically been expirementing with drugs since about 14
ive tried dxm, pot(thats a given), hashish, all sorts of opiums, mushroooms, liquid LSD,and blotter, mescaline,all sorts of perscription pill, uppers, downers and everythig in between, but most recently E and special K.

Other than mary jane i would have to say my favorite drug is ECSTACY.
and my least is DXM.

Well anyways my most amazing expirence was

well actually there is 2 expirences that were just amazing

one on shrooms

and one on E

The first time i did shrooms, i was at floydfest and i was with my two best friends at the time. it was about 10 oclock and we had just began to trip, so we went to listen to new monsoon, for a little while we just danced and tripped out, just at about the peak of the trip, me and ash we dancing and out of no where pops a wizard, the lights from the stage made him look like he was glowing, he just stood in front of us for a minute, we looked at eachother giving the ARE YOU SEEING WHAT I'M SEEING look, as i stared at the man i realized that there was tiny gasoline colored creatures running through his beard, i thought the man must have been about 100, and again all of a sudden he wrapped his arms around me and my friend and whispered "spirits the name", and as quickly as he appeared he vanished. the other people we were with just cracked up, me and ash were mesmarized but the mysterious wizard and were on a mission. but he was gone no where to be seen. so we put it off till the next day, well that morning we just walked around just hanging out when all of a sudden, across the feild i see a man, i just knew it had to be him. i left my friends in a full sprint. when i finally made it up to the man i realized it was spirit but he was old only about 25 and for the rest of the festi we hung out with him and expirenced my first cuddlepuddle!!!!

about 2 weeks ago i tried E for the first time, i was really really nervous for like 5 minutes than i just made myself get over it,it was the first night of the festival, we had only been there about 30 minutes when we got offered motorolas, we all popped them then set up camp, right about when we wwere done setting up camp we all began to roll, we left camp and headed down to the main stage Donna the Buffalo was playing, i love Donna. when we got there i couldnt help it, i started dancing and like it seemed so easy
and it was so much fun i couldnt stop. i was moving my body in ways i never had. i loved it, i was so happy, i just couldnt stop smilin, my friends we giggling and smiling too. after a few songs a beautiful girl, i came to know as Kayte, came up to me and said "You dance Awesome" that made my happiness even happier. we danced to donna until it was no longer, since we were not tired, we decided to go to the drum circle.
i had never danced at a drum circle, b/c like at a drum circle you know everyone is watching you but i had always really wanted to. me ash and our new friend kayte jumped in the circle and danced a little, then for some reason i can remember we left, i think to check on our other friend who went back to the tent to sleep. at the tent i grabbed my faerie wings and ran back with ash to the drum circle.
i put my wings on and without even thinking i jumped into the drum circle alone and started dancing, i danced and danced untill my throat was so dry i couldnt stand it anylonger. someone grabbed me water and as i was leaving, the drum circle leader followed me out and told me that, my dancing was the best dancing he had seen all night, i was very surprised. he said he could tell that i was completely free and that everything i did came from my heart.
that was an awesome night and i will never forget it!
that night i also got my nickname
GloBelle, but Glo for short

ok there two of my many many expirences, c'mon people lemme here yours
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