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From the beginning of last week I knew I was going to get to trip. I got really excited, because it had been a while. Plus, my friend Daniel had sent it all the way from California, which from what I've heard is the closest to what it was in 60's. Saturday finally rolls around and all day I was jumpy and ancy and excited. My friends Meg and Jared came down. We all hang out until nine or do then my boyfriend Turner and I head out to Homewood to do somethings and pick up our hits. We went out to Blackville to pick up a sack (which was three and a half grams short :P). Seriously, there were two white people (besides us). But anyway, we got our goodies and headed to a place where we could weigh it. I got to see my friend Trip who I hadn't seen since the summer and I got to see this kid Cricket high as shit. He's crazy anyway, but that was just funny. So then we go to Sara's to pick up our hits. She and Stacy were just going to bed and Turner and my night was just beginning.
So we call around to see if we can stay somewhere. We figure we'll stay at my friend Samantha's house which is back out in Hueytown. So we had a thirty minute race with Lucy so we could get to Hueytown before we turned completely inefficient. We go back to Nana's and then Meg, Jared, Angel, Turner and I go out to Sam's house. On the way over there we played Jimi Hendrix and all I remember talking about was how I was glad that he could drive. We get to Samantha's and we hang out and smoke a blunt of some good weed. Meg and Samantha and everyone else had a discussion about life and Samantha annoyed the hell out of Meg. I joined the conversation every now and then but mostly I was enjoying my cigarette smoke changing from grey to green to blue to purple. Several times I felt like the world had turned upside down and I was just sitting, hanging. Meg I could see the air coming out of people's mouths when they talked and coughed. Everytime someone exhaled their cigarette or blunt smoke each person had a different color. We all went back over to Nana's and hung out in the living room. Meg kept taking pictures of me. The flash left a light pink tint around everything I saw. Meg, Turner, and I went outside and talked about everything and nothing. eventually I got a blanket and laid in the grass and looked at the stars. I can't explain really what they did. They didn't move but they changed colors and got brighter and dimmer and it was awesome. Then Turner and Meg laid down, too. We stayed out there talking and my grandafather stuck his head out the front door and waved to us. I love how he never asks questions. We decided to go inside. Meg went and passed out. Turner and I laid in the living room pretending to be asleep just talking about anything, looking at anything, thinking about anything, talking about anything. We held each other for a while and I don't think that there are words to explain how it felt. All night everything that I touched or that touched me felt weird. That's the only way to put it, but it was a great kind of weird. Finally everyone woke up when we never went to sleep. Nana and Dada went to church and my mom fixed breakfast. The last hour or so left of our trip we watched Yellow Submarine which we both wished we could've watched while we were really tripping but we never had a chance. But that was before breakfast. After breakfast Everyone just kind of went there own seperate ways and I laid down on the pool table and talked to Meg. About two hours after my trip was supposed to be over I took some Klonopin to help me not feel like hell. But for the rest of the day I was scared that I was going to come down at all. It was very scary and I slept through most of the rest of the day. This morning I felt better and very much relieved. It was an awesome trip, but a terrible come down. The things I will do to my mind and body, I should stop. I definately won't be doing it for a looooong while. But it was good.
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